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On tackling biblioholism: Making a promise I hope to keep

Like many of my friends whose books have taken over (or are about to take over) their house, I am a confessed biblioholic. I buy books when on bargain, I buy them at full price. I buy books and graphic novels even if they are in languages I don’t understand–in the latter case, I defend myself by claiming that ‘action speaks louder than words’.

I have a makeshift room at home dedicated to housing my piles of books, magazines and comics. I have two sets of books hanging by a bookstand on my bedroom wall, a drawer next to the bed for some adult late-night reading(!), and comic books piled against the said drawer. More books are stacked on the desk, some more on the floor, and I even dedicate a section of my wardrobe space exclusively for reference drawing books!

Now here’s my commitment: I promise not to buy any more books until the end of the February–exceptions withstanding for emergencies such as Yugo the Negotiator, et al. If this proves possible, I will try to complete at least half of the books I’ve bought but haven’t finished reading before buying another book.

It’s one of the most drastic measures I’ve had to live through to date, but I hope I will prevail. Nothing is more alarming than a biblioholic who doesn’t how big of a problem she has. And books are essentially for, well, reading, not for piling up on top of each other and taking up space in my bedroom or other parts of the house… -__-

Guess I’ll have to abstain myself from going to the malls too… for a little while 😀


  huamulan03 wrote @

I guess I’ll have to also abstain again from buying manga this April – until I finish reorganizing my bookcases. I’m thisclose to just leaving boxes of manga somewhere for people to just sift thru and take home any they’d care to give a new home to ^^

  Andrea wrote @

hmm… perhaps we could just arrange a charity bazaar some time? i’m sure we have soooo many ‘leftover’ books between us to go a long way… =.=


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